Verdentum’s technology is versatile: giving organizations a suite of tools they need to launch global projects, connect and coordinate teams, track impact, monitor and evaluate efforts and report with ease. Real-time reporting and analytics become easy, despite the size and scale of projects. With the power of information, organizations, executives and individuals have the capability to make faster, better decisions – ultimately increasing efficiency and impact.

Verdentum Pro

  • Launch, track, and coordinate international and national level projects requiring detailed reporting
  • Multiple management layers, allowing you to coordinate teams at various levels
  • Customizable analytics, graphs, and more
  • Customization of year end reports/semi-annual reports
  • Allows you to display data, analytics, and graphs on your web-site
  • Tailored server possibilities & settings
  • Integration with major MIS & ERP solutions
  • Artificial intelligence features to read and sift through large amounts of information.
  • Customizable mobile application and fields
  • Enhanced location-tracking possibilities and drone integration

Launch, coordinate, and track impact on global projects, advocacy campaigns, and volunteer efforts. With an easy to use mobile app and site, which feel like a social-network, helps mid-sized projects find a new life, record their work, and establish progress. Staff and volunteers can easily upload data and visual evidence from even the most remote locations using a mobile phone. Coordinate volunteers in 50 countries, get detailed analytics and reports, track impact on projects, and so much more.