Verdentum Pro.

A complete impact measurement and project management solution for development-sector and volunteer efforts.

  • Highly flexible platform that can be deployed on a wide range of projects
  • Multiple management layers, allowing you to coordinate teams at various levels
  • Allows you to display data, analytics, and graphs on your website
  • Customizable analytics, graphs, and more
  • Customization of annual/semi-annual reports

Stay Connected

  • Verdentum Pro includes social-networking and collaboration features to stay connected with your team/fellow volunteers on a project
  • Real-time reporting and updates
  • Offline capabilities
  • Built with volunteers in mind

For Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives

The Verdentum Pro platform gives you a way to easily streamline investments, grants and processes from the top level down to grassroots beneficiaries. With Verdentum Pro, impact measurement, reporting and SDG analysis are made easy.

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A number of international organizations and UN bodies engage with Verdentum to manage large scale initiatives across continents. From tracking beneficiaries to measuring impact, Verdentum can help you maximize your impact on initiatives.

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For UN bodies and International institutions

For Non-Profits

An end-to-end solution to manage activities and keep staff connected. With multiple management layers and easy data-uploads from our app, you can streamline processes and get a real-time understanding of your field activities.

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Bring an evidence-driven approach to your efforts. With Verdentum Pro, you can define and launch projects from a small-scale tree planting effort to global volunteer programs. Connect users and get real-time updates and quick reports.

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For Volunteers & Small Groups

Accion Fraterna Ecology Center, Ananthapur, India. Watch the video to learn more about how Verdentum’s technology is being used to track impact on a project impacting over 30,000 small-holder farmers in one of India’s most drought prone regions, Ananthapur.