Verdentum is a social-enterprise. We believe in giving back.

Verdentum provides technology support to select efforts that are driven by volunteers, young organizations and under-funded entities. The projects that Verdentum chooses to assist are high-impact projects driven by highly committed teams and volunteers.

Some of the areas where we have provided support include:

  • Crime and violence mitigation amongst young people
  • Health and welfare of indigenous peoples
  • Sport for development
  • Disability rights and awareness
  • Volunteerism and climate change
  • Healthcare for the elderly
  • Human rights and advocacy
  • Policy and international trade
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Education
  • COVID-19 relief and disaster response
  • Health and wellbeing

If you are working on a project that requires technology and are a volunteer or organization with very limited resources
Please reach out to us:

Learn how Verdentum supports projects aimed at helping vulnerable youth in East London.

Verdentum is providing pro-bono technology support to youth driven projects led by the Community Coaching Academy in London.