What is Verdentum?

A social network that lets you launch and coordinate high impact development projects, work together with volunteers and staff globally, and monitor progress in real time—all for a better planet.

How does it work?

Organizations and groups can create programs—defining exactly what participants will be reporting during the program. Participants can use our app to simply input data requested, along with pictures and time spent, while they are working and click upload. With data streaming in from participants globally, there’s a clear snapshot of everything happening on a project, in real time. Live data from the field helps you measure and evaluate progress and make more efficient decisions. Participants can keep track of everything they’ve done—from hours spent to data uploaded as part of a project. Real data, real impact.

How can Verdentum be used?

Verdentum can be used for anything as simple as a community food drive to something as complicated as a sustainable agriculture project affecting thousands of lives. A few ideas—Imagine more:

  • A food drive with volunteers uploading pictures and data on the number of cans collected.
  • Administering aid distribution—keeping track of the amount of aid distributed or the number of cases of infection encountered.
  • A program on climate change mitigation with volunteers measuring how much energy consumption they have reduced and reporting it through the app with pictures.
  • A tree plantation campaign spanning 100 countries with tree count and hours spent.