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This campaign is a pro-bono effort of

A Million Acts of Kindness

In honour of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee

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A Letter from the founder's desk

Thank you for visiting the 'Million Acts of Kindness' dashboard. We are proud to support incredible organizations across the Commonwealth through the campaign, whose small every- day actions, collectively, make a tremendous difference to the planet and society.

The campaign dashboard are the culmination of several years of planning and thousands of hours of customization of the Verdentum platform. Through the campaign, the team at Verdentum has worked tirelessly to provide consulting and the technology platform to organizations - each organization whose data is seen undergoes hours of consultation, training, and on-boarding onto the platform, which allows them to draft a logical framework for their work, measure impact, collect-data, and report with real-time data updates.

Our hope is to bring organizations who do not usually have a voice to the front, to give them the ability to take an evidence-driven approach to solving global problems.

With each organization contributing in their respective region, small drops are creating a broader ocean of global change - reflected on the dashboard you see here today. We hope the dashboard will be a testament to the fact that ordinary citizens can do big things - and that together we can achieve more for our planet and society.

The Campaign is a dedication to the ideals of friendship and unity across the Commonwealth and the incredible lifetime contribution of HM The Queen towards the Commonwealth, in honour of her Platinum Jubilee.

We are also grateful to our official partner, the Queen's Commonwealth Trust, the Commonwealth Youth Program (partner in-association), and to the many individuals, advisors, and organizations that have helped make this campaign possible.

Thank you again, for visiting our page. It means a great deal to our team at Verdentum, and I am certain, to the many organizations across the Commonwealth who have dedicated time and effort towards the grassroots projects you see here today.

Warm regards,
Rohit K. Pothukuchi
Founder & Chief Executive Officer