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This campaign is a pro-bono effort of

A Million Acts of Kindness

In honour of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee

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'A Million Acts of Kindness' is a pro-bono effort. Our goal is to use technology to bring together individuals from across the Commonwealth to make progress on serious social and environmental issues around the world. With a new cutting-edge technology platform, individuals will be part of a global whole, aggregating actions, collecting data, measuring impact, and seeing global progress in a completely new way.

How are individuals & organizations taking action?

In-depth immersion projects at the grassroots, with planning, log-frames, data-collection and evidence-driven outcomes

Open programs -
for individuals across the planet to take action and share data and evidence

Selected organizations from all 53 countries of the Commonwealth will be trained, receive consulting, and use evidence-driven methods rooted in economics to deliver high-impact projects.

Anyone from across the Commonwealth can join a pre-created program in key focal areas, decide to take action, and upload evidence of their 'Acts of Kindness'.

Global Evidence-driven Dashboards showcase our unified progress across the Commonwealth

Collective action & stories from around the world.

The Goal - together:


Acts of Kindness across the Commonwealth

In which areas will action take place?

Acts of Kindness' across 17 SDGs will take place across the Commonwealth.

A Sense of Unity and the ability to work together

The platform is a new-age technology system built to enable collective action on global problems through data, evidence, and machine learning.

With an easy-to-use mobile app, even grassroots organizations working in remote areas with little or no internet can participate